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Speak Life then what?

After we speak life into others and ourselves, the only thing we can truly control is yourself and more importantly your Habits!

Speaking life requires a conscious decision to make it a habit.

Today I spoke with a young man who asked me how I got to where I am and where I was from and my background. I chose to speak about his background; where he was from and where he wanted to go. Then it happened! I SPOKE LIFE!

Help someone everyday see their own potential, it really makes a difference in seeing others succeed and live a full Life.

Have you made speaking life a habit?



Greetings and warm wishes to you all who happen to read this. I am engaging upon a journey of online communication and connecting to develop relationships about fitness and health – habits to healthy living. I would like to welcome you to Envision Generation, and as you can see I’ve got some work to do. Everyone would do it if it was easy – I guess? Come join my page and follow me. I look forward to engaging with many of you who have been doing this awhile and hope to share ideas. I look forward to sharing my enVisioned approach to fitness and health. It all happens with well planned habits. Be good and “own it,” no matter what you do! -Al